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For the last 10 years, Crimson AV has been providing high quality mounting solutions and accessories to you, our valued partners. One of the primary reasons for our success is that we own our factory in Kunshan, China which allows us full control over the design, manufacturing and distribution of our products.


With the challenging times we currently face here in the U.S. still ongoing, we are pleased to offer a positive update in regards to our business and the still serious situation related to Covid-19. Due to the pandemic, our factory in Kunshan had been shut down since the end of January. As a result, Crimson has not received any new inventory since February. However, due to the strong response and isolation efforts in China, we are happy to report that our factory is now up and running at 100% of capacity. We are also able to report, directly from our factory in Kunshan, that recovery is on the way and that every day the situation is improving and that there is a general feeling of recovery for not just Crimson AV but the entire supply chain.


So as we head into the critical phase of containment strategy here in the US, with the potential for temporary closing of businesses, we hope that everyone remains optimistic and understands that by following the proper guidelines to limit the spread of the virus, this too shall pass and everything will eventually return to normal. Crimson AV will remain open as long as we are not mandated to shut down by the government. We have taken measures in accordance with the CDC to keep our work environment safe and clean. As long as domestic and international shipping continues to operate, Crimson will continue to service you, our valued partners, with the high level of care and attention that you have learned to expect over the years.


Please stay safe and follow the CDC guidelines. We wish all of you the best and good luck.


Vlad Gleyzer
President, Crimson AV LLC