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Our new DSA Series articulating monitor arms are a heavy duty yet sleek and stylish solution that deliver perfect landscape- or portrait-oriented monitor positioning while freeing up valuable workspace. These elegant yet heavy-duty spring-loaded, full motion mounts accommodate monitors and associated accessories weighing from 5 to 30 lbs (the widest range on the market), and once set in the chosen position, tilt and rotation mechanisms can also be locked in place—meaning, connected monitors will remain in the selected position until physically unlocked and moved to a new position. This combined feature set is unique to Crimson and especially useful for high-use environments such as POS, restaurants, bars, warehouses and healthcare facilities. DSA Series Monitor Arms feature ultra smooth tilt and screen leveling features for easy viewing, and are VESA compatible up to 100x100mm.

    Four arm configurations and four base options available

  • Heavy duty spring adjusts for 5lb through 30lb monitors

  • Locking tilt and rotation suitable for high traffic applications

  • Versatile, mount to virtually any surface

  • 75x75mm and 100x100mm, expandable through 200x200mm

  • Base options: flat surface, edge clip/wall, through-hole or pole/racking

    The DSA Series arms are a sleek and stylish solution that deliver perfect landscape or portrait-oriented monitor positioning while freeing up valuable workspace. Choose from a multitude of configurations to fit any need.

    There are two key elements that make the DSA’s unique. First, the spring is heavy duty and adjustable. This allows these arms to handle a load from 5lb through 30lb, the widest range on the market. Second, DSA’s allow you to lock down both, the tilt, as well as the landscape to portrait rotation of each monitor.

    Ability to handle a heavier load and lock tilt and rotation, makes the DSA’s a great solution for high use areas, such as a busy restaurant kitchen, where a lesser solution may sag or loosen over time. This is also key for applications where additional components must be mounted along side the monitor, which increase the overall load and possibility of sag.