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New and improved CM menu board systems are a hit at Infocomm 2014. Crimson demonstrates the CM functionality up close to rave reviews. Experienced installers and integrators recognize the benefit of using the CM system to make their lives easier and save valuable installation time.

Our innovative designs facilitate ceiling or wall-mounted options and accommodate an infinite number of displays in either landscape or portrait orientation. Assembly is a breeze, and once mounted, displays are both quickly and easily aligned, making installation incredibly efficient.

Easy to Align - Easy to Order

Our ceiling-mounted systems feature a proprietary quick assembly and easy-alignment design that simplifies the installation process exponentially.

Prices are based on the number of displays to be used, so you can easily quote the solution to your customer. When you order, we conveniently kit all components for you and if you require a technical drawing of your system, we provide that as well.

Assembly Animations